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1886 Motorkutsche

Handmade replica 1/20

Dark blue
Performance (kW / HP)
Read value mileage/kilometers
1.886 km
Car data
Numbers produced20
Vehicle number
€ 139.000,-

On March 8, 1886, Gottlieb Daimler ordered an "Americaine" carriage from the Wilhelm Wimpff & Sohn carriage factory in Stuttgart, ostensibly for the upcoming birthday of his wife Emma, but in reality to equip it with an engine as a further test vehicle. The engine was an air-cooled, upright single-cylinder modelled on the "grandfather clock". Compared with the engine from the riding carriage, Daimler and Maybach had almost doubled the displacement, and the output was increased accordingly to 1.1 hp. The motor carriage was converted from air to water cooling in 1887. For this purpose, a large-area finned radiator was mounted below the rear seat.

Daimler's Motorwagen was the first four-wheeled vehicle to be powered by a high-speed internal combustion engine. In contrast to the Benz Patent Motor Car, which represented an independent integrated design, Daimler's first automobile was merely a carriage without a drawbar and with the usual turntable steering - in other words, a carriage without horses.

Daimler did not initially think of further development or even series production of his motor carriage. With the motor carriage, he had once again demonstrated the possible uses of his engine and continued to pursue the goal of producing engines for all conceivable industrial applications.

Gottlieb Daimler motor carriage replica

Manufacturer: Gottlieb Daimler
Model: Motor carriage
Year of manufacture: 1886
Engine: 1 cylinder with glow tube ignition
Power: 0,8 kW / 1,1 PS
Displacement: 462 ccm
Engine speed: 650 rpm
Fuel: gasoline
Steering: turntable steering
One of only 20 new builds handcrafted after original prototype
The engine is today affectionately called "grandfather clock".

Your contact partner
Matthias Fastenau
+49 (0) 441 209780 17
Ihr Ansprechpartner
Arne Rehling
+49 (0) 441 209780 24

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