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Mercedes-Benz 250 SE W108


Leather upholsterySunroof
Power steeringRadio Becker
Passenger headrestsSteering wheel ivory
Fanfare dual soundHarder springs and underride protection
Black (040)
Leather red (202)
Performance (kW / HP)
First Delivery
Read value mileage/kilometers
orig. 7.100 km
Car data
Cylinder capacity in ccm2.496
Transmission4-speed automatic transmission
CylindersSix (6)
DoorsFour (4)
Production periodAugust 1965 to January 1968
Production quantities55.181
Vehicle number

A sensation is this Mercedes-Benz 250SE from 1967 with just 7,022 original kilometres.

In autumn 1966 Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart received an order for a 250SE sedan to be delivered to Spanish Sahara, a province of Spain in West Africa. The colour should be black, the interior in light red leather. A headrest as a rest cushion for the passenger, ivory-coloured steering wheel, tropical battery, white wall tyres, better springs and an underride guard. Automatic transmission, power steering and a sunroof completed the wishes. The choice of colours for hot African conditions was extraordinary. Presumably the car was meant for a high government member or a high clergyman dignitary.
In October 2018, a Mercedes lover from Spain became aware of the car. He had discovered it in a dry barn, in a community of 75 souls in the province of Soria. The car was dusty, the barn well ventilated, the climate there dry. A black Mercedes-Benz 250SE with light red leather stood well protected there. On closer inspection, it turned out that the car had spent a long time in the best substance, without any rust. A few slight dents and minor scratches from over 50 years probably had to be put up with. When opening the doors, an absolutely new red leather appeared, which looked as if nobody had ever sat on it before. On the inside of the doors were still the protective foils from the factory. A look at the speedometer caused the breath to falter. Only 7,022 kilometers on the 5-digit display and no wear. Sensational ! The profile of the tires was as good as new, a control of the manufacturing date resulted in that it must be the first tires, from 1966.
The owner, on whose name the Mercedes was already certified since 1971, could say nothing more to it. He had died at the age of 90. He was a Catholic Apostolic priest and during the reign of General Franco in Spanish Sahara.
He had protected the Mercedes at home in the barn, but never drove it. He always used his old Seat 1500. For a simple priest the car was certainly not affordable at that time, maybe it was a gift. The Catholic Apostolic Prefect in Spanish Sahara was a highly respected clergyman and long years deputy in the Episcopal Conference, perhaps he gave him his carriage in 1971 when the priest returned to Madrid. The priest was too modest to show himself in the rural area of his homeland.

Your contact partner
Dietrich Gross
+49 (0) 441 209780 12

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